God showed me what faith can do...

I was studying for my RN state board to become a licensed registered nurse. I was so afraid that I was not going to pass. I went to church and my pastor preached about faith and how to see how prayers answered. He explained that we need to fast and remind God of his promises when we pray. So 3 days before my exam I decided I was going to fast and engage in prayer. I was also going to be fasting the day of my test. The entire week before and including those days the Devil kept whispering to me that I should not fast the day of my test. He said I will be so hungry and get dizzy and I wont be able to concentrate. He reminded me how I get when I am hungry and how people say you should eat a healthy breakfast before an exam. I knew it was him and it gave me increased strength to continue to fast. Now this exam has a maximum of 265 questions and a minimum of 75 questions. I prayed to God the test would end at 75 questions and I kept reminding him of his promise in Matthew 7:7. The day of my test I did not eat anything, I prayed before and during test. It took me 2 hours and at 75 questions the computer shut off. I came out crying because I will still scared.. The questions were nothing I could have prepared for and I had studied for 3 months. So, my mother took me out to eat and when I got home that night I did the Pearson Vue trick which allows you to see if you passed. Behold I passed in 75 questions just like I asked my father. The Devil is a liar and God is forever faithful. If he did it for me, he can do it for you. May god Bless you.

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