Who is Angel Messenger
and SBI?

I am fondly call an SBI'er and I am also called Angel Messenger. Angel means messenger so my pen name is saying, messenger messenger, I'm only the messenger. I am just someone who has given their life to Jesus the Messiah and I love Him with all my heart. I am an evangelist of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I have created this Christian web site as a tool to glorify Him and to reach the world.

I was born in northwestern Wisconsin USA. They say I was born in God's country but of course the whole earth is the Lord's and all the fullness thereof. I have walked with God on this journey we call life for more years than I will admit I've been alive.

When I think about my life it really has been a journey. Every one of us are on this journey of life. I remember when I was about 4 years old I had a question that I wanted to ask God. So in child like Faith I asked Him the question. And He answered me! It was the first time I remember hearing God.

As I got a little older I continued to love God very much but it was mostly from a distance. After I learned about sin I didn't feel good enough to approach God directly. So, unlearned,  I would pray to His mother Mary and ask her to ask her son things for me. At the time I didn't know that there was a better way and I let self condemnation keep me from that personal relationship with my Savior.

My teenage years were pretty typical, at least for the most part. Every week I always went to church but God was basically put on the shelf as my social life expanded.

When I was very young, I fell in love. As teenagers we were married and over the years we have had six children together. I am still in love with the same man. Every marriage has trying times but God was the glue that held us together, He has always been there for us.

Life Changing Experience

At 22 years old I had a life changing experience with God. It was at that time in my life that I was deep into the world. I didn't realize it at the time, I thought I was okay with God. But I was just like all my friends. I was getting high and doing my own thing. I was a wife and, at the time, a mother of two and I was living like the world going down the wrong road.

One day I was minding my own business and coming home, I walked up the stairs to my house, opened the door, lifted my leg to step into the hallway when I suddenly went into, what I realized later, was an open eyed Vision.

I was instantly standing at a crossroads shaped like a Y. One road went off to my left for a short while and then ended. There I saw a car accident. On the right road I saw Jesus walking down the road with me. We were having deep discussions. He was teaching me things about the Kingdom of God as we walked together down this long road.

Then Jesus stood before me on my right side. He showed me the two roads before me and said, “Choose, which one do you want?”... Without hesitation I said, “Lord, You know I love you, I choose You”. And the Vision was gone.

I didn't even know what a Vision was at the time, but that day, my life changed. Suddenly I had this intense hunger for the Word of God. I had never owned a Bible before. I was told that only the priests and theologians could understand the Bible. But I had to have one. I had this great need inside to study the Bible!

The next day a sales man came knocking at my door. Yes, you guessed it, he was selling Bibles! Coincident? I think Not. I not only bought a study Bible but also a whole set of Children Bible story books. I was like a thirsty sponge wanting to soak up the Scriptures. I had to know the Word of God. I had to know Jesus personally.

Now many years have passed and God has changed me like the Potter changes the clay. He has taught me profound things though His Word. He has used everything from great anointed men and women of God to simple life situations all to teach me His ways. He has walked with me through countless life experiences. I will never stop seeking to learn His ways.

Besides my work within the Church He has brought me into the Market place. I am also a businesswoman. Through out the years I have been an Entrepreneur of several types of Businesses including a few small retail Business.

My Lord is far from done teaching me. I've seen miracles and witnessed Gods work done subtly. God is always working behind the scenes in our life. He never rests but continues to be intensely interested in us. It is my passion to share what He has taught me with others. I long to fulfill the Great Commission, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. But How?

The solution...

One way I found to reach the world is through an amazing vehicle called SBI - (SBI stands for Site Build It! ) I have looked into different ways and have wasted some time and money with others but finally found SBI, and it's the best. I knew literally nothing about actually building a web business when I started.

Those who preach the gospel are to live off the gospel. So why not provide a service for others that just happens to be tied in with the passion of my life? A Christian Web Business. The world could always use more good Christian web sites.

God has many ways for us to be able to prosper. If we submit ourselves to God and His will for our life He will always lead us down the right road.

Your Life's Journey

What I have learned may be of benefit to you in more than one way.

In your life's journey what have you learned? Think about all the different things you have done in life. Maybe you know about something practical that others would have an interest to learn.

Do you have a hobby, something you learned about just for fun or a God given talent of some kind that you could write about? You could share these things on the web and make it into a business.  SBI can teach you how to build a content web site and show you how you can make money with it!

God gave you your own life's experiences that are unique and special. Everyone knows something about something. SBI helps you to turn any hobby, passion or skill into a viable on-line business. You probably don't even realize that almost any topic can make money with a website if you do it the right way.

You don't need any programming skills or web design knowledge, you don't even have to have a product to sell. Just bring your brain and motivation. SBI even helps you find the perfect topic for your site. They show you how to build it, to get traffic to it, and then they teach you how to make money with it, no matter what it is about!

There's got to be a better way

Do you know of any minister that could use some extra money? How many Pastors, Missionaries and Evangelists are there who work for just barely enough to get by? Maybe God has called you to preach to those who don't have a lot of money. But you are determined to do the work of God anyway.

Yet God is the God of more than enough, there's got to be a better way.

I don't know if this is for you or not but it may be worth taking a look at. Maybe it's answered prayer.

What ever your situation God's will is for His children to have more than enough to be able to do the work of God. You can do it by being in ministry or being able to be a CHEERFUL giver into the work of God. You usually can't be to cheerful when your scraping to get by.

I wish I had SBI when I was a stay at home mom to help with the finances. For the years I spent raising my children I got all 0's toward my retirement credit. Bummer. SBI can change that for you if you are a stay at home mom. You can earn money while still fulfilling your highest call as a mother.

Speaking about retirement, which is coming sooner or later, would you mind the extra income a web business can generate to help subsidize your retirement? Maybe you never thought about it before but there is real potential here that can help you financially.

Maybe you also have a burning desire to preach the Gospel to the world and now retired you would have the time to pursue your dream to reach out to the world for Jesus through the world wide web.

If not SBI than maybe something else. If you do not have more than enough then I encourage you to keep looking for your breakthrough.

One of the greatest assignments of the enemy is to hold Christians down where their finances are concerned. The enemy does not want us to be able to finance the work of God in the world.

Labor of Love

God wants you to have more than enough but please don't look for get rich quick. There are schemes out there to steal your money and many Christians have fallen into them.

Solo Build It is not a get rich quick scheme but given time and the amazing help of Solo Build It anyone can learn how to do this. Yes in the beginning it's a lot of work. But what you love to do doesn't feel like work and you get to work at your own pace.

Once it's set up it can generate income with just basically maintenance. Solo Build It teaches you from the ground up and provides you with so many tools that are all included. It's like getting a College education! (Only a whole lot less expensive.) The Cost is less then $1.00 a day!

Even if you have a retail business or a home network marketing business, having your own CONTENT web site (not just web pages with no traffic) could explode your business. This might be the answer you have been looking for.

God has a plan for each of us. Don't be afraid to pursue where ever He leads you. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Be all that you can be in Him. There is only one of you and there will never be another one like you. I hope to meet you some day now or later here or there.

Be Blessed in what ever you do.

3 John :2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. KJV

Angel Messenger

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