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Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine and a Christian perspective: You are a spirit, you live in a body and you have a soul (mind, emotions). You are an amazing uniquely designed person Therefore you must have a designer. Spirituality and health are closely connected.

Consulting the car manufactures manual is natural when you buy a new car, so it should be natural to consult the Creators manual to find out all about you. The Word of God is our manual. Bible verses tell you Gods will for your life.

You have three main parts mind, body, spirit, that make up one person holistically. There are many areas within these parts and if only one area is hurting, it effects all of you.

Alternative Medicine 'Prayer'

Holistic medicine is a medical philosophy that views physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected. God has always cared for you holistically. He cares about every area of your life.

Holistic Medicine acknowledges the need to treat the whole person. This approach is increasingly used in mainstream medical practice. Holistic medicine includes integrative, complementary and alternative medicine techniques.

Many alternative medicines are very good including the alternative medicine 'prayer'. This is one of the most powerful forms of alternative medicine.


 There is good and bad in almost everything on earth including your health wellness and alternative medicine. As a Christian, use discernment when it comes to alternative medicine. If something doesn't feel right, ask your self,“who does this glorify?”

If the glory is given to any object, person or thing other than the living God of the Bible, be careful to avoid the danger. (You probably don't want some spiritual force that wants to kill you in charge of your health. This is... Not Good.) Better to stay with the Christian version of holistic health.

No need for you to go to any other god, force, energy, or created thing like calling on the universe to heal you. As a Christian you have God Himself to heal you through what ever way He chooses. Don't worship a creation when you have the Creator Himself.

He has many ways to bring healing to you. God gives you good doctors and dedicated scientists as He increases knowledge in the earth. There are many types of health providers and new discovery health products to help guide you in your quest for the benefits of Biblical holistic medicine.

Foods can be your

For your body there are many foods listed in the word of God. Studies have shown these foods to be of great value to you. In general the Mediterranean diet is hailed by many as being the best all around diet for health and wellness.

True science has proven the accuracy of the Word of God over and over again. More instructions about food can be found through out the Bible. All things are lawful but not all things are advantageous for you.

The closer to nature the better the food. Processed foods have little to no nutritional value.

Consider your Soul

Your mind, will and emotion,(your soul)is very important to your health and wellness.If there is something wrong within this area it will effect your spirit and body also. Some examples are an unforgiving heart and anger that can keep you from receiving healing or make you deathly sick.

Financial problems can cause you to worry is an emotion that can steal your joy. Stress is a killer. God has the answer for that also. He is an expert in holistic medicine.

You could read the article on Anger and Health. And see the heart of God in the article on Forgiveness.

Ultimate Health and Wellness
Harmony with God

There is only one thing that will satisfy your spirit. Your human spirit is dead without it and nothing can replace it. There is a deep longing inside of every human being that can be covered up and ignored but can never be filled with anything else. No holistic medicine can be substituted for the Holy Spirit.

The only thing that can make a human spirit come alive is God Himself. Nourish and feed your relationship with Him by seeking Him daily. Having peace and harmony with God is the ultimate health and wellness for you.

Like a Father who wants the best for his child health and wellness are in the plan of your Father God for you. Keep learning more about His practical wisdom.

God gives you a free will to either believe Him or not. He won't make you do what He says. But the only problem is that if you choose not to listen to Him you are the one who gets hurt sooner or later. Like holistic medicine, health and wellness in every area is His will for you. He Loves You.

Holistic Health
and Bible Teaching

Part of Holistic health includes a practical Bible teaching of what is called a sabbath rest. The Physical example of the Sabbath rest is part of the maintenance program for good health and wellness. Every person, animal and even the soil needs proper rest. Taking the time to rest properly will yield greater productivity for you in the end. Take soil as an example.

God's word says to let the soil rest the seventh year. Dr Mark Virkler conducted a test on two fields. The soil in one of the fields yielded almost two-thirds greater nutritional solids ppm when tested by Dr Virkler. The only difference was one field was allowed to rest (not be farmed) the seventh year.

Our benefits will multiply greatly if we simply heed the example of giving our bodies proper rest.

God's Holistic Medicine

God's holistic medicine is easy to swallow and a lot of fun. Laughter is more practical instructions for your heart. In Proverbs 7:22 it says “A merry heart does good, like a medicine”. God has a sense of humor. Doctors aren't sure why laughter protects the heart they just know it does.

Laughter, happiness and joy are perfect antidotes for stress according to Dr. Don Cobert noting the research conducted by the Department of Behavioral medicine at the UCLA medical School. Colbert added “A noted doctor once said that the diaphragm, thorax, abdomen, heart, lungs and even the liver are given a massage during a hearty laugh.

Health and wellness are not the only benefits you receive when you become a Christian. Even as a Christian you may not realize the extensiveness of it all. Ask God to show you more and He will.

Prosper in all things and be in health. 3 John 1:2

Healing Scriptures

Anger dramatically effects your Health

Forgiveness Key to your Wellness

Physical Wellness

Emotional Health

Emotional Wellness

Christian Healing - You have Rights

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