Anger and Health

Why is anger and health together as an issue? What has one to do with the other?

Forgiveness! Why should I forgive?! You have no idea what they did to me! They don't deserve to be forgiven! What does forgiveness have to do with my Health and Wellness anyway?

Everything. You may feel justified holding on to your anger. But your health can suffer as you replay the situation over and over again in your mind.

Each time you rehearse the situation in your mind, you can become more and more angry and feel even more justified. You may feel like you just can't get over it and you let bitterness seep deep inside of you. In the mean time your health and wellness is being slowly drained away. Your anger and health definitely can be connected and it can effect you adversely.

Our body has limitations. Anger,hatred and bitterness are such toxic substances and our bodies react to them as any other toxin.

As researchers study the effects of being unforgiving, there is mounting evidence that anger and health are related. Holding grudges and bitterness can result in long term health and wellness problems.

The Power to Control You

People or circumstances that have hurt you can actually have power to control you even when they're not around. How? All you have to do is think about them and your mood changes. Your thoughts can be consumed by what happened. Your mood, your attitude, how you react to people around you all can be controlled by your anger. If left unchecked, this could develop to the point where it's your health that suffers.

Some progress to where they just don't care anymore and life begins to fall apart. Angers' control over you can cause you to drink excessively, smoke, over eat or use drugs. You can loose a since of trusting people and you can feel misunderstood all the time.

Anger hatred and bitterness are like a deadly poison slowly siphoning your health from you.

You may develop a chip on your shoulder or just wallow in self- pity. The anger inside of you could spill over onto your family and friends with angry outbursts over the smallest thing. You can find yourself thinking the worst of people in most situations. You may continually day dream of ways to get even and become the avenger.

Basically anger and health can have power and influence over your entire life by making you miserable.

In severe cases many that hold on to those feelings stemming from anger could develop deadly diseases. Studies of anger and health relationships have shown in cases of bitter divorces where one or the other partner have developed a life threatening disease.

Unbridled anger and health consequences can development symptoms of anxiety and or depression. Feelings of depression can become extreme. Some can even come to a place where they could begin to believe the lie that their life doesn't have any meaning. They feel like they can't go on anymore.This is a dangerous place to be.

In this state there is a feeling of being at odds with your spiritual beliefs. Something seems not right between you and God. But you can take away the power they hold over you. The power that keeps hurting and controlling you. What the answer? True forgiveness.

Why should you forgive?....

For all of the above reasons. It's For You.... that's why.

Be Willing to
Let-Go of your Anger

Your anger cries out,...“It's just not fair! Why should I forgive them?”

You Can't forgive them, not perfectly as God commands us to. But find out why you should come to the place where you 'Want' to forgive and lean on Jesus to do it in you.

You should forgive them for "You" not for them. By forgiving them you are not minimizing the wrong. Neither are you condoning what they did or excusing them.

Rest assured that everyone is responsible for what they do and will have to answer for it someday soon. As they say,... What goes around comes around. What you plant in the ground is what you're going to harvest,“what so ever you sow that you shall also reap.”

It may help to look at your own life and see how many times you've needed forgiveness. You Can take back the control of your own life BIG Time through forgiveness.

When you decide to truly forgive someone, you will feel a weight lifted off of you like a heavy burden removed. You will also receive many emotional and spiritual benefits besides the physical benefit of greater health and wellness.

The victory comes in 'the decision' that you make, not in an emotion that you feel. Your decision to 'Want' to forgive puts you in line for the miraculous. The deeper the hurt the more miraculous the healing will be.

Give all the injustice and your anger and hatred to God. He can handle it for you. He is the only one who can truly comfort you. He is the only one who can completely heal your soul wounds.He knows what you have suffered. He sees all. He is the only one who truly knows how you feel. And He is the only one who can do this in you and bring you through this.

Maybe You Blame God?

But maybe you're angry with God. Do you blame God for what happened? God is good all the time even when bad things happen to us. Bad things don't change God's character. Have you considered that the fault may lay with evil and not with good? There is an enemy of God and man whose goal is to kill, steal, and destroy.

The serpent (God's enemy) is pretty slick. The evil one does the dirty deed and turns around and blames God. The God who loves you and made a plan to rescue you from satan and his deceitful mind controlling snare. Have you been believing the father of all lies. Maybe you've been blaming the wrong god?

Remember dominion of the earth was given to Adam, the father of mankind. Adam's dominion was stolen by the serpent through mans' disobedience. The enemy of God has disrupted God's perfect plan for mankind.

God's plan was for us to rule the earth with Him. God placed man in the garden of paradise. God planned for us nothing but good. There was no anger and health issues, no sickness, no death nothing but good. Our job was to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. We were to expand and make the whole earth a garden of paradise, a heaven on earth.

The serpent is the one who caused all the misery that is on earth today. Satan stole that dominion and is called the god of this world system. He is the one who is the accuser of God. All evil, sickness and sorrow comes because of satan.

It's time to take back from that liar what he said you could never have. Victory is waiting for you in the Kingdom of God. Jesus has brought the Kingdom of God near. You are not far from it even now.

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