The Character of God

Begining pre-History of Christianity
Who is God?

The Truth is the Character of God has been questioned for longer than man has been on the earth. The history began ages ago on the planet called Heaven. God was there with His Angels, a race of beings that He had created.

There were different kinds of Angels with different ranks similar to our armies. The Angels all worshiped God and there was peace in Heaven until sin was found in one of the Angels.

The most beautiful of all the Angels, highest in rank, his heart was lifted up because of his beauty; The Angel thought himself to be a "god" and desired worship for himself. He began to spread lies against the Most High God, and deceitful malicious rumors and accusations to defame the Character of God Himself.

The situation got very ugly. This rebel Angel, called Lucifer, convinced one third of the Angels to arise up against God. Rebellion was found in Heaven. Lucifer became a devil which means accuser and his name was changed to Satan meaning adversary or enemy.

This began a war that is still going on today. All the universe is watching as in time the proof of the Character of God is revealed.

God Created New Race

The Lord who is a Creator God continued to do His work. God created a new race different from the Angels. He began with Adam creating his body out of the dust of the ground. Then God breathed life into Adam from the very breath of God Himself. Father God wanted more than servants like the Angels, He wanted a family. He created man after His own likeness and placed him in a beautiful garden on the planet called earth.

God had given Adam dominion over the earth, and Satan wanted that dominion. Satan knew that if he could get Adam to sin, then he would gain control over the system of the world. Sin nature would become dominant in the world and the Law of justice would demand death for all sinners ....including God's children.

Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. He deceive Adam and Eve with that same old lie attacking the Character of God. Satan succeeded in deceiving man. Adam, the Father of the human race, failed to live that sinless life and therefore through Adam all mankind inherited the sin nature that reins and causes all to fall short of the Glory of God.

Satan caused death and sin to rule over this planet. And the devil became the god of this world system. Full blown war broke out in Heaven and Satan was kick out and with him one third of the Angels who rebelled with him. Satan call the devil that old serpent was cast down to earth and the conflict continued.

Future for Mankind - Looked Hopeless

When Satan was kicked out of Heaven he was judged guilty. His sentence of guilt will be carried out in Gehenna Hell. The final punishment of sin is death by eternal fire. This is called the second death. Satan was filled with great wrath, he knew he had but a short time left. With God a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years. For beings who lived for eons in eternity, a few thousand years is but a short time. When the fullness of time comes, the punishment will be fully implemented.

In the meantime mankind had also been taken captive by sin. The wages of sin is still death. Death is the legal out come for sin and mankind was now lost in sin. The eternal future of God's children looked hopeless. God had planned eternal life in Paradise for His children but now there was no man who was found worthy to bring what God had planned for His children to pass. It looked as if Satan had succeeded in stealing all of God's children and through sin condemning them to suffer the same fate as Satan himself.

BUT GOD made a promise to Eve that there would come a man-child, a seed, that would crush the head of Satan. The Character of God would be revealed in this promised seed. Satan and his demons persecuted the children of God throughout History. They had heard the prophesy that this promised seed would come through Israel. So they tried to kill off the promised seed before He could be born by persecuting the children of Israel. So Israel has been persecuted throughout history yet the enemy did not win, the promised seed was born.

When the promised seed was born, He began the history of Christianity.
The enemy of God continues to lie to all mankind about the Character of God.

People Question Character of God

The accuser still accuses God of being an unfair, tyrant, that doesn't care about starving children or injustice in the world. He paints a picture of God as being a stern powerful angry God just waiting for you to mess up so He can punish you.

People still question the Character of God when they see all the suffering in the world. But all the while it is the god of this world system and unbelief who is responsible. The righteous wrath of God will have vengeance against all injustice in the world. No one gets away with anything, ever, it is all recorded. God is just and justice demands that sin run its course and be punished. There is a time for everything and everything in it's time. God waits for the fulfillment of time and then He will make all things right.

Whatever God does He must do it legally for He is a righteous God. Satan and his demons on the other hand are outlaws. Their character is evil. They lie, cheat, steal and find pleasure in the agony of others. These disembodied spirits love to inhabit the bodies of humans who fully give themselves over to their evil and practice sin.

People don't realize Who God is. They confuse the Character of God with the character of Satan. They are deceived believe lies and the continual unrelenting accusations made against the Most High God. But if they wanted to, they could seek God - seek the truth for themselves. It is written, If you seek God with all your heart YOU WILL FIND HIM. There are some who would rather love the darkness they revel in. They have been deceived and don't want anything to do with God their Creator. They turn Him aside mocking Him and anyone related to Him.

The Universe Watches

The Character of God has been tested as the Universe watches history unveiled. They watched and noticed that part of the God Head was no longer in Heaven. When they inquired where the Word of God was, they discovered that He had put Himself in the seed inside the womb of a woman.

There the King of Glory Himself stayed for nine months, in the body of one of His sinful creations. The time was right for the prophesy of the promised seed to be fulfilled. And God would fulfill it Himself. The Character of God continues to show itself. Almighty God, Creator of the Universe limited Himself in a flesh and blood body and the Word of God became the son of man.

From the foundation of the world God had a plan for the salvation of His children. Nothing takes God by surprise. God was not willing to loose His children and He Himself came to earth to win them back. The God of justice had to do it legally. He had to come through the legal doorway into the earth, which is the womb of a woman.

The Most High God had to become a man Himself to Redeem mankind. God had to become fully flesh and in a flesh and blood body live that sinless life that the law of God demanded. Jesus was in the flesh but walked after the Spirit and showed you the way by His life's example. Jesus brought the Kingdom of God back to earth again.

The Sin Nature of Man

The sin nature came to all mankind because of Adam. One man sinned, and death came to all. So now, it is justice that through one man's righteousness, life can come to all mankind. The victory of Jesus legally can be applied to all who would receive Him as their Savior, this is Grace. Grace is much more powerful than sin as eternal life is so much greater than death.

The Creator of the Universe came to earth in the flesh and became the son of man as well as the Son of God. He is called Emanuel, meaning God with us. And His name is Jesus the Christ which means Savior the Anointed One. He is also the Lamb of God for He was sacrificed to fulfill the law's penalty and by His Righteous Life and Death redeemed us back to Himself.

The Character of God is pure Love, there is no darkness at all in Him. Everything He tells you in His Word, He Himself has lived it out. The Word of God is the measure of truth itself. God followed all the laws and won back all that Adam lost in the garden legally. Jesus became the second Adam and took back dominion for all who will walk after the Spirit.

- The Kingdom of God -

He's Back!

Not Jesus ( NOT YET )
But The Holy Spirit IN you.

Jesus brought the Kingdom of God back to this earth. The Kingdom of God is within you. The Holy Spirit can once again now dwell within the believer. The Sprint of Truth leads you to reflect the character of God.

You will reflect that character if you do not rely on your own abilities of the flesh but like Jesus did, totally relying on His Father in Heaven for victory in everything. That is walking in the Spirit.

Jesus made it possible for His children and the whole universe to see who God really is. You can now use your free will to choose to serve Him rather than the evil one.

This is the reason you were born.
That you might choose Jesus and live for eternity with Him.

God redeemed you back from a just fate of the everlasting punishment of the fiery second death but the cost was much higher than a Kings ransom. It came at the cost of the very Blood of God Himself.

The Father Himself loves you so much that:
He exchanged the life of His only begotten Son for YOURS
To PROVE to you that

That shows the Character of God.

God Knew You Before Foundations of the Earth

Before the foundation of the earth, God had a plan of salvation in place. God knew you and knows all things but He must allow His children to choose. The God of Love does not want robots but wants you to freely love Him in return. He has given you a free will to choose or reject Him.

Jesus Christ is the Character of God personified who became our atonement, at-one-ment, that you could become one with Him. Look at what He did for you. His love for you is beyond measure. God Himself stretched out His arms and died on a cross that you might believe how much He loves you.


When you accept the sacrifice Jesus made for you, receiving Him as your Savior, you will immediately receive the Holy Spirit. By Faith is not by feelings necessarily but believe it first and He will manifest Himself to you.

He gave you a free will and you must make the choice. Will you accept this love and freely give Him your love in return? Will you say yes to God ?

The story of the Character of God continues in the Holy Scriptures. There is so much more to learn about Him. He has great planes for you and many gifts. He came that you may have life and have it more abundantly. God Loves you and wants to give you the very character of God, eternal life and call you a friend of God, a son of God , a priest, a king, a joint heir with Jesus Christ and more.

Who will you choose to believe?

Will you choose God by giving yourself to Him fully? Just believe God, freely submit yourself to Him and He will take over from here. God Himself will do the work in you. He only waits for your permission. He will cause you to grow in Him from glory to glory. God has waited for you to be born that you might have a chance to get to know the character of God and choose Him to be your Savior. He is now sitting at the right hand of the Father waiting till His enemies are made His footstool. All will see Him coming back again to set up His Kingdom and every knee should bow every tongue confess that He is Lord. The choice is yours if you be His friend or His enemy. 3 John 2-3 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. NKJV

Angel Messenger

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