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Explore Alternative Medicine with an informed perspective. There are good possibilities and opportunities to prosper. As a Christian you will likely want to be selective with your choices.

There is good and bad within all industries. We know that "New Age" and it's teachings may be a part of this industry and are NOT by any means recommended. Our Creator God is not an impersonal force and He can not be manipulated by rituals.

But with that said, you need not avoid it altogether. Don't be afraid of New Age just be informed and remember light is Greater than darkness and there are a lot of God given natural good products that can be extremely beneficial to you. Learn to discern good from evil and don't let evil bully you out of the benefits God created for your use. There are good, healthy, beneficial products that come out of this industry we call Alternative Medicine.

Fear Not. Tune your spiritual ears into God, ask Him to guide you as you search this industry for possibilities of economic prosperity. As you proceed look for Gods direction by testing for peace inside your heart. If the Scriptures agree with an inner peace about something that you may be considering, this is one way or a filter you can use as a conformation for you to go ahead.

To make an informed decisions about a product you may want to endorse or a company you may want to join also use business common sense. Research the market to see what people are buying. Gather as much market data as you can about a product or service you want to offer people. If there is clinical proven results from research, that would be of great benefit.

It's not all about how much money you can make but it should be a win win situation. Your goal should include looking for benifits for the people you will serve. Ask yourself, how will this product help others?

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies are part of the next trillion dollar Industry according to Paul Pilzer, a world renowned economist, and author of “The Wellness Revolution".

As you are looking for Gods will for your economic prosperity keep your options open to having several streams of income from possible different sources. It's a good strategy to look at several business models before deciding which ones would fit for you.

Alternative Medicine is big business. The majority of sales collectively are made by individual entrepreneurs. There has been an extreme interest in this industry in recent years.

Complementary therapies are beyond the scope of traditional medicines. But they are used in association with them. It's something you'd use along side traditional pharmaceuticals. Complementary therapies combine the therapies and philosophies of conventional with those of alternative medicines.

No Pharmaceutical Drugs

Alternative medicine is the practice of medicine without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. They're used in place of conventional medicines. They have not traditionally been included as a part of the curricula education that conventional Doctors receive. And there are on going debates about alternative health care.

In 2002 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found 36% of adults used some form of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy. (It was 62% including multivitamin therapy and prayer for healing.) In 2006 a consumer health care survey found 37.2% of U.S. households use some form of alternative medicine.

The most common reason for the use was to improve general wellness. 37.2%, that is more than one third of the population.You could find prosperity with a good customer base like that. Individual investors may want to take a closer look at the wellness industry.

Business Possibilities

Many of these natural health remedies have been widely employed in fighting disease. It has opened up profitable business possibilities for the entrepreneur and the part timer. Narrow the field down to what would be a good fit for you and then seek more education in that area.

Explore the different areas of this industry and note which areas are compatible with Biblical teachings.

Americans spend billions of dollars on wellness. There may be areas in fitness or nutrition that fit well with conventional therapies. Health food stores and organic foods have a growing following. And there are some good direct sales home business with excellent products for possible consideration.

Wellness Industry Opportunities

There are a lot of choices, many are very good.

Listed here are just some ideas of this industry opportunities and therapies:

  • Diet-based therapies,-
  • Fitness (health instructor - Health Clubs),
  • Fitness Gyms, -
  • New technologies,- An emerging market!
  • Fitness products,
  • A Favorite for low start up costs. - Direct Marketing or Network Marketing. Some of the Best natural products can be found in the Network marketing field.
  • Health+Wellness Insurance Plans
  • Some Herbal therapies, -
  • Some Holistic medicines
  • Nutritionist,- Dietitians
  • Organic foods; Health food stores to Organic Farming/grass feed beef,
  • Vitamin therapy, - Whole Foods etc....

Ask yourself what are your interests or what would you like to learn more about?

Then go for it. It's Gods will for you to prosper! There must be an unlimited number of ways God could cause you to prosper. If you doubt that, build your faith by studying what God tells us about prosperity in the Bible.

Follow the links about prosperity. When you believe the Word of God you will then have the confidence to pursue God and in God is Prosperity of every kind.

Prosper in all things and be in health. 3John :2

Links about Business;

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Complementary MedicineThe Most Powerful of all - is Prayer.

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