A Complementary Alternative Medicine

Some in the wellness industry call it a complementary alternative medicine. If you want to call it that, then know, it is the most effective, most powerful medicine on the planet. It's 's something readily available to all and completely free to anyone for their personal or public use.

What is it? The Complementary Alternative Medicine; Prayer.

Doctors have seen the Power of Prayer and most will admit that it definitely helps. Some doctors have even witnessed the miraculous healing that prayer produced.

Many looking for alternative methods for healing do not realize how powerful prayer is. And when you know who you are in Christ Jesus and use it skillfully as the word of God teaches, prayer cannot be out preformed by any other medicine. When the one who is praying for healing knows what their rights are in the name of Jesus, it is then that prayer for healing is so powerful even the miraculous can happen.

You see, just as there are laws in our respective governments, so to there are laws in the government of God. But God's form of government is not a democracy it is a kingdom. There are kingdom principles and laws that when followed according to the New Covenant they can not fail. The New Covenant cannot fail as the believer learns who they are in Christ Jesus.

Qualifying the Prayer

The wellness industry uses many complementary alternative medicines for our benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are many good therapies but filter them through the Word of God. When we talk about prayer we are qualifying the prayer only to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the Almighty God of the Bible. There is good and bad within spirit realm just like there are Angels and demons, light and darkness. The God of the Bible is for you, other gods are against you. Be careful who you pray to.

We are actually spirit beings, we live in a body and we have a soul. The alternative medicine of healing prayer benefits all three components to the deepest parts of who we are.

Real prayer for healing is not some magic words or ritual. It is not recited memorization or even putting voice to our wishes. Prayer is talking to a person. A real person, God. You can talk to Him about anything but in the continence of complementary alternative medicine we are usually praying for physical healing.

The God of Heaven is our Father and He cares for us as a Father. Gods will is for us to be whole. We can pray not only for our physical health but for every part of us. Complementary Alternative Medicine includes holistic medicine for our body, soul and spirit.

Prayer and Faith

Understand, if you are truly born again child of the living God, if you are a citizen of the Kingdom of God, you have certain unalienable rights...
You have a RIGHT to be healed.

If you know your rights and apply them in faith, Whatsoever you believe, that you shall have! Resist fear. Have no doubt in your heart and dare to believe God. His word will not fail.

Things happen that we can't explain because we cannot see the whole picture or know all things but don't let that hinder you from going after your healing.Gods will is that you be healed just like His will is that all be saved. Just because some may turn against God doesn't mean you can't be saved.

Jesus said we can have whatsoever we can believe for. So what we receive hinges upon what we believe. Not what we cognitively accept as truth but what we really believe. We must come to the place were we don't doubt in our heart.

If God ever healed one person in history then all persons have the potential for healing. Can you experience healing? It is available to all. According to what? It is written, according to YOUR faith it shall be done unto you.

If it is according to our faith then find out how to increase your faith. Seek faith in God. Seek the Healer rather then the healing for healing is the manifestation of our faith in God.

Jesus said we could move mountains if only we had faith as a grain of mustard seed. Combining the powerful complementary alternative medicine prayer with praying for faith would be a wise course of action and a dynamic dual.

No Respecter of Persons

God is not a respecter of persons. Answered prayer is not the exception. God loves you as much as He loves His only begotten son. It can bring you to tears when you realized that truth. He wants you to learn the secrets of the Kingdom of God so you can benefit from all that He has done for you.

You may not realize the power you have with God as His child. As His blood bought chosen citizen of the Kingdom of God. You have rights according to the constitution of the Kingdom - the Bible. King Jesus has given you rights and privileges bought and paid for by the blood of the King Himself.

You can learn about these rights so that you will be able to apply them to your life. All things work together for the good to those who love God, no matter what happens. You always end up with a victory in the end just as good will win over evil in the end.

The Holy Scriptures, The Word of the living God, is medicine to your body. The living Word of God can heal the body, soul and spirit. Meditate on them day and night. Speak them out loud back to your Father in Heaven in the powerful name of Jesus. This is the Powerful Prayer for healing that is spoken about.

Build a awesome relationship with the living God by seeking Him personaly. Pray for healing and believe. Reach out to Him in faith. Learn how to use this complementary alternative medicine effectively and you can literally save lives in Jesus Name.

Prosper in all things and be in health.

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