Alternative Medicine Debate
(Part One)

Alternative Medicine
Conventional Medicine pharmaceuticals.

Learn from each what is good and avoid mistakes of others.

Within the wellness revolution industry are many alternative medicines. Some argue against using any kind of medicines other than what is prescribed by their physician. But is that a fair evaluation of medicine?

Here are two famous quotes,
"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food".
And,..."all we need for health
and healing has been provided by God in Nature...".

These quotes have some truth in them. But if you are a Christian and you are wondering about the Alternative Medicine Debate whether this is for you or not, lets just take a closer look.

It's true that God has provided for us in nature natural medicines within herbs and plants of all kinds.
If you seek His advise God will let you know if these are for you as an individual . No person can tell you exactly what You should do, since a person is not God and people do not know all things. This has to be an individual decision between you and God. What you can do, is ask God to guide you as you seek information about the Alternative Medicine Debate.

All I know is that it's Gods will that we, as Christians, be healed of all our sicknesses and for us to be in health. However, God may chooses to bring this about in our life in different ways. There are So many different ways God heals us but the end result is always health. We can't put God in a box. He's just to big. Is Alternative Medicine a way for God to bring you health? Pray about it as you investigate and let the peace of God lead you.

Pharmaceuticals Only?

Should we turn Alternatives down and not take advantage of them simple because they are not a pharmaceutical? You have to decide for yourself about these health issues but it is always good to look at both sides of the debate.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur looking for a prosperous business venture in the wellness industry. If you are you also should carefully consider both sides.

Alternative Medicine has a vast array of treatments and ideologies and should be approached from an informed prospective. Some alternative therapies are well-known,while others are new discoveries and new technologies.

But there are some that are exotic, with possible negative side effects that can be very dangerous. Some are connected to New Age teachings and should be avoided. There are good and bad alternative medicines.

On the other side of the debate are conventional therapies and the pharmaceutical drugs with all their dangerous side effects. The fact is there are dangers on both sides.

True Stories:

Real life demonstrations of the Debate;

Health issues can be a very serious subject. Let me demonstrate with these true stories.

There was a woman, a relative of an acquaintance of mine, who had a degenerating disease that was causing her to slowly loose her eye sight. The Mayo Clink told her that there was nothing more they could do for her but possibly increase the strength of her glasses one more time.

They told her that she would have to face her fate. They said that soon she would not be able to drive any longer. She was told that her blindness would progress and she would be forced to loose her job as she slipped into the dark world of blindness.

She turned to alternative medicine. She heard of a new technology made of natural ingredients that others were having a lot of good success with. She had been taking this Alternative Medicine for a couple of months and then she began to have headaches. At first she thought it might be because her thick glasses were not strong enough anymore.

She made an appointment with the Mayo Clinic to see if they could adjust her prescription for the last time before she lost her site altogether. After they tested her eyes they told her that her headaches were not because her gasses were not working anymore but because they proved to be to strong for her eyes. Yes, to the Doctors amazement her eyes were not getting worse but, beyond the doctors understanding, her eyes were getting better!

This woman has had a dramatic life changing result! She continued to take the product and she never did loose her eye site. She received an answered prayer. and God used a complimentary alternative method to bring it to her. I think it would be safe to say that she would support the debate on the side of alternative medicine. Doctors could not help her anymore yet she did not give up. And someone cared enough about her that they told her about this product that was not a pharmaceutical. A doctor could prescribe it but she found great results from using it.

Now, on the other side of the Alternative Medicine Debate.... There was another different woman who had a serious condition. She tried to cure herself by ONLY using the alternative therapies. This is a rare case but even one is to many.... She was not successful.

Bottom line, by the time she did seek conventional help it was to late and this woman died. Now her doctor would most likely be on the opposing side of the debate. These two examples are two extremes of what could happen.

It is always advisable to seek advice from your doctor and even get more then one opinion. The Bible says that wisdom is found with many counselors.

People Need to be First:

For the Alternative Medicine business person always keep in mind safety.

Safety issues are not only good  business practices but they dictate the encouragement of both types of therapies. In the wellness revolution industry your first concern can never be money. People need to be first. Their needs, their concerns come before money. It not only makes for good business but it's a basic Christian value. The stakes are to high. Always put their interests before your own. If you find a great product to share and someone comes to you with a serious health problem encourage them to seek professional help alongside the alternative products.

As arguments in the debate points out, only doctors can prescribe. As an entrepreneur in this business or in your personal search for preventative health products you will likely find some very wonderful products. The good results may have even changed the life of someone near and dear to you. But a good rule of thumb is to always include your doctor where your health is concerned.Anyone in a wellness business should always advise people to see their doctors along with the alternative therapies.

IF you have health problems it may be good to get more than one opinion. You could try to find a doctor that is at least familiar with some alternatives to drugs. Using both types of therapies gives you many more options when dealing with your health. One therapy usually complements the other. Today you can find doctors that have seen the good results that good Alternatives can produce and they are willing to work with both holistically.

Just because there is a debate about this subject that should not discourage you from pursuing your search for good alternative medicines. There are many good products out there and a few great ones for maintaining your health. Both alternative and conventional therapies are good for preventative medicine. Maybe we can talk about some of the 'great ones' on another page.... later perhaps.

(side note)

In the wellness revolution business arena, you must stay away from the word "Cure".(No matter how many times you see good results.) Everyone even Home Based entrepreneurs should not forget about staying compliant with the laws.

Take an active roll in your own health. And take good care of yourself. Alternative Medicine may be an avenue to consider for your health and or to add to your economic prosperity.

But don't forget another Alternative Medicine called 'Prayer'. The Word of God is by far 'The Most Powerful One of them all'. It does Miracles for people! Literally! The Word of God can even bring someone back from the dead - You can't beat that one. And that has been medically proven in recent years and it has the longest history that I can think of... thousands of years ago they had similar results.

Gods will is that you be in health and prosper in all things. He wants you healed in anyway you would be willing to believe Him for it. According to what you really believe, so it shall be done unto you.

Keep searching and keep following Jesus, it's exciting!

God Bless You

This debate continues in part two.The Debate: Part Two

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