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 Multi level marketing(MLM), Also called Direct sales or Network marketing is among favorite home businesses.  It is a most attractive type of business for the home entrepreneur because of the usually low start-up costs.  

There are different ways you can set up this type of business no matter which company or companies you choose to join. It could prove be a possible stream of income for you. It might be a tool you could use to add to the wellness of your economic prosperity.  Gods will for you is for you to prosper.

As you learn about different ways of earning an income, listen for the direction of God in your life. Let the peace of God direct you.

What are You looking to do?

Are you looking to build a real business with residual income or do you just want to find a way to afford the wonderful product/s you have found?

If you love the product/s and are happy to build your business at least large enough to pay for the products you use, then part time might work for you. You may even earn a little cash along the way depending on the compensation plan of the company you join.

Especially if the products are very good health products and they are making an effective difference in peoples lives for the good. You may have a win win situation as you help your family and friends build their multi level marketing or network marketing business big enough so that their products are paid for.

Then it may be well worth a part time venture.

If you are looking to make a full time business out of it then it will requier a full time commitment to get it started. There are many who are successful in muli level marketing but like anything successful, it takes commitment. 

Residual Income is very attractive and it has been the subject of many good motivational books. It may be wise to read some of those type of books to see if this is something you would enjoy doing.

Residual Income

This business is called multi level marketing because of the compensation plan that pays on different levels depending on the company's comp plan. Every company has their own plan. Check out each com plan and don't be shy to ask for help understanding it. If this home business is going to succeed you have to treat it like a real business. You need to understand how the plan works.

Economic Prosperity really comes into play with the possibility of creating residual income.  Residual income (also called passive, or recurring income) is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended.

Compare this to what most people earn at their jobs: linear income, which is "one-shot" compensation or payment in the form of a fee, wage, commission or salary. One days wage for one days work. Residual income keeps earning over and over again.

That's one of the the good things about multi level marketing it can create passive residual income. But there are safe guards you should build into your business. More on this later.

The Good and Bad

Another good thing about multi level marketing or network marketing is the products. Many people get into network marketing for the products alone. There are some very excellent natural products out there.  They are so excellent they are changing their lives, bringing health back to people that pharmaceuticals just have not been able to do. 

People can become passionate about the product and want to spread the word to help others. The quality of the products usually reflects the cost but you can't find anything like it at places like Walmart. If the comp plan is good and you are willing to work the system you can usually at least make enough to pay for your product.

If you help others succeed in there businesses, that in turns help you succeed. And residual income can begin to be created.

The product you sell, IMO, must be excellent in order for Multi level marketing to to succeed for everyone. Direct sales or ( Muli level marketing) is the distribution of goods and services directly to consumers away from a fixed location. Because of the direct sales style of business the product/s tend to be excellent.

If you run your business from 'Old school" methods their is a negative thing about building a network marketing business. It is that after you tell everyone you know about the wonderful product/s you have found, you run out of people to tell.

Another thing, a stigma is also attached to this business which stems from associates bothering people about their business who don't want to hear about it. (but there is another way)

If you want to build a business large enough to create residual income, with the old school way of doing it, you will have to conquer the fear of cold calling and rejection. You could do a couple of things to over come these obstacles.

You can educate yourself by going to personal growth seminars geared toward multi level marketing or network marketers. There are good ones that are quit effective if you are willing to learn and follow their instructions.

The downside is you may have to do some traveling and the cost of all that adds up. A usually less expensive way, how be it possibly a little less effective way, is to utilize your companies training. They may have CD's or other training available for you. Depending on the company, this may be very helpful also.

But some people just have a hard time with the obstacle of fear and rejection. But there may be ways for them to overcome that.

There is a New School way...

New School

You have a choice. New school methods may provide a better way. Using these methods the people call you and they are already interested in what you have to sell. You can share what you know with someone who wants to hear about it.

New school methods can attract warm, truly targeted prospects without having to buy leads or, best of all, bother your friends and family. This way is unconventional but it is proving to be a much better way to do the business of multi level marketing for network marketers.

The New school method is Not a get rich quick, but it is simple and almost anyone can learn this with time and motivation.  It is a way to build a real viable business using multi level companies and their excellent products with safeguards for you built right into it.

If this is something you want to investigate further, read more. Click Here for more details.

Reason Some Fail

Fear of rejection may be the biggest reason people could fail at this business. But fear is a weapon of the enemy and the Lord  tells us to "Fear Not". If you have prayed about this, investigated the possibilities and feel a peace about going foreword, than Don't let fear be the reason you don't do it. Another very effective way to over come your fear is to rely on God. With God all things are possible. 

Some people fail because they are just looking for an easy way to make money. They want to work it part time expecting full time profits and are disappointed. Some come into this business not realizing that a real “business” takes hard work and commitment and some investment.

Investment Capital to get started in a muli level business is amazingly low. I have seen were even small mom and pop retail businesses can cost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. For very low start up costs there is potential in muli level marketing, if you are willing to work for it.

Happy hunting. I hope you find what you are searching for.

One of my favorite Bible Verses;3 John :2 Where God tells us His will for us.... Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. KJV


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