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Looking for a certain word or phrase used on this site? Gods Will Wellness Site Search Tool can solve your problem. For example, if you're searching for all pages that mention the word "Forgiveness" on "," enter the word "forgiveness" (no quotes) into the search box and click Search. Please note that your search results page will have ads added to the actual search results. Those are not from this site, but may be of interest, since Google targets the ads to your particular search.

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Bible-Tools allows you to search the Bible for passages of Scripture, for individual words or combination of words, or for phrases.

Bible Tools Search 14 versions of the Bible.

ABBREVIATIONS used in Search Tool;

  • KJV = King James Version
  • NKJV = New King James Version
  • NLT = New Living Translation
  • NIV = New International Version
  • ESV = English Standard Version
  • RVR = Reina-Valera
  • NASB = New American Standard Bible
  • RSV = Revised Standard Version
  • ASV = American Standard Version
  • YNG = Young's Literal Translation
  • DBY = Darby Translation
  • WEB = Webster's Bible
  • HNV = Hebrew Names Version
  • VUL = Vulgate

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This tool can be used with or without Range Options.

For Example: Determining a range for one's searches; Let's say you wanted to find all the instances of the word war (and its related terms) in the New Testament, you could do that with our range options. Clicking Search with the settings used below will perform that very task.

e.g.war OR wars OR warfare

e.g.Range Options: Mat-Rev

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