Who is Your Recommendation?

Who would be your recommendation for a Christian event? Who do you know that has an excellent Ministry and has been a special Blessing to you or your Church?

Someone who, when you heard their message, their anointing just blessed your socks off! If you would like to find a way to Bless them back.

 Promote them!

There are many known and unknown anointed ministers of the Gospel. If someone has blessed you, give them an excellent review and write a Promotion for them. Let us get to know them through your interaction with them and how they have Blessed you and others.

  Let us know how we can contact them by adding their contact information. That would be very helpful for Churches or organizations when they have planned special events. 

You may want to let them know about this promotion.
Your promotion surely will be appreciated by those who have sown into your life. We Thank You for sharing them with us.

Promote a Wonderful Ministry who has Blessed your life in Christ.

If you have heard a great Speaker, Evangelist, Teacher, Prophet or Musician - anyone who has impacted your life, Bless them with your promotion. Is there anyone you would like to recommend to other churches or organizations for Events or special Church services? Tell us about them.

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The Potters Heart 
The Potters Heart is a life altering Ministry for all. Your perspective will change as you hear the heart of God and see for yourself in life size demonstration …

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