Share Answered Prayers, Praise Reports and Miracles

Have a Praise Report? Have an answered prayer, or even saw miracles? Here is your chance to let your voice be heard. You could encourage others with hope that they may not give up.
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God answers our prayer. The manifestation can be instantaneous or it can come over time. They can be large or small all answered prayers are wonderful.

What has God done for you or someone you know about? Here is your chance to brag on your Heavenly Father. Tell the world how good God is! Let this be a testimony to all the world - God IS alive and well! And He is still a God of answered prayers.

The following is an invitation to you to write your own web page about any answered prayer that you or someone you know has received. Give the Glory to God and shout it from the roof tops! It's easy and it's free.

See below what other have said....

Story of Gods Healing. Back from the brink of death...

Click Here to see story of the Miracles;... Doctor said it was One for the record-book Healing )

Picture on Left...

Swollen and close to death,

Picture on Right...

Healed and enjoying family.

Praise GOD!

Share YOUR Story!

Praise Reports,
Share any answered prayer.

Be an encourager to others. Let them Know that God answers prayer!

Do you have a great testimony? Share it! They are all great. Your page can become your own web page publish as a part of this web site. Let your voice be heard. Give Glory to God.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Grateful Today 
I wanted to thank God today and let Him know that I am grateful he answered my prayer for my son's housing. Thanks God I appreciate and so very much needed …

miracle financial blessing from GOD 
Praise & Thanking Father GOD Almighty in Heaven for my financial Miracle .2nd My Honda Accord 2 door 4 cylinder will also perform like a new car. I'm …

*Debt cancellation. I was collecting unemployment, but my bills and needs were so much more than I was getting. So I went looking …

God healed my neck 
My journey started in May with an achy feeling in the back of my neck. The feeling would come and go, so I wrote it off as fatigue. As the weeks progressed …

Seeing improvement little by little 
Being a medical student, we were following up on a patient who had an undetermined primary tumor which had metastasized. Not knowing the origin of these, …

God is still blessing me 
He has really blessed me. He has carried me through the storm

Have A Miracle  
A little girl went to her bedroom and pulled a glass jelly jar from its hiding place in the closet.She poured the change out on the floor and counted …

Answered Prayer A Healing Miracle  
A member of our family was dieing of the killer staff infection MERSA. It had infected the muscle were he had fallen. By now the infection had spread into …

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