Answered Prayer A Healing Miracle



A member of our family was dieing of the killer staff infection MERSA. It had infected the muscle were he had fallen. By now the infection had spread into all his vital organs and the doctors said they did not think he was going to make it.

They gave him an 80% chance of dieing.They told us that he was the sickest one in the whole hospital. The Doctors really didn't think he was going to make it. It would take a miracle.

Our Family called everyone we could think of to pray for healing including friends, Churches and we called powerful prayer ministries phone lines. People were praying for him all over the country.

Our family gathered in the hospital and prayed. We set out hearts to agree with Gods healing promises in His Word. We spoke the promises of Gods Word out loud.

When we said the words of God it seemed to push back the fear. We resisted that fear that tried to press in all around us.

Steadfastly we chose to walked in faith not accepting the doctors reported expectations but choosing instead to believe the report in the Word of God.

Although fear was all around us Jesus says "do not fear, have faith in God." we focused on the Word of God speaking the promises back to God with faith filled words – we prayed the prayer of faith for a healing miracle.

Then we took communion in the hospital room and reminded God of His covenant promises. We are healed by His stripes, by the whipping Jesus took for us. Jesus provided healing by His sacrifice.

During the first passover where Communion comes from, the death angel passed over the children of God. We took authority in the Name of Jesus and commanded the death angel to pass over our loved one. God gave us these promises.

We stood firm on His word and did battle in the Spirit as we dared to believe God for a miracle. We waited on God to answer.

During the night our loved one turned away from death and began to come back toward life again. Every hour he improved as God healed him. The doctors were all amazed as each hour he improved.

Every couple of hours or so the doctors would give him a better chance of survival. By the end of the next day we knew we had received our answered prayer a healing miracle.

Today he is healthy and well to the Praise of God and the doctors amazement. The doctors still talk about him and his case. It was a case for the record book. Without the grace of God and faith put only in Jesus he would not be alive today. Thank God all glory to God!

God is not a respecter of persons. God has already said yes to healing in His word. If only we can believe Him who can not lie. It is really a question of belief. God is willing to send miracles but we can only receive miracles through our faith.

May you be encouraged to dare to believe God. He is faithful to answer prayer for you too. Fear not, have faith in God.

Thank You Jesus.

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