Time Stood Still
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Time Stood Still and in a moment I was touching eternity. I know it sounds crazy but it happened as sure as you are reading this now. It was June 2008. I had just dropped off my son at his friends house and I was on my way home.

As I was driving I was listening to a praise song on the Christian radio station. It was a beautiful day on a little country road with no traffic at all, not a vehicle in sight.

Both hands were on the steering wheel as I turned my head and saw a truck headlight begin to come through my car window on the passenger side. Time stood still, I was frozen in time!

The truck headlight had begun to pierce through the window. I could see part of the headlight and the hole in the window where it was beginning to come through but I saw that the window was not shattered or even cracked.

I was aware of what was about to happen and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it. Then I heard His voice. It was coming from the back seat directly behind me.

It was the voice of Jesus whom I know so well. He spoke very slowly and made each word distinct. His voice was calm and He spoke purposefully.

Slowly He said, ... “all things work together for good to those who love God.” And then He repeated it again even slower, more distinct and with more force and said,... “ALL THINGS work together for good to those who love God.” It would have taken about fifteen seconds for Him to speak these things had not time stool still.

The time stood still for as long as I needed it to. It could have been as long as forever, I was in a dimension out of time.

God has made the sun to stop before for others. God has even turned back the sun – you can read about it in the Bible in Josh 10:12-14 and Isa 38:4-8.

After He finished speaking I then closed my eyes and in a fraction of a second the accident happened. That part was incredibly fast. Glass shattered and sprayed over my body. My hand was ripped off the steering wheel and slammed into the soft partition between the seats so hard that my arm broke.

When I opened my eyes I saw the total destruction of my car. It seemed like the whole car crumpled around were I was siting. A large 4x4 Truck broadsided my little white car. I was T-boned at 55MPH.

Neither of us saw each other until the collision. Had my son, whom I had just dropped off, been sitting in the passenger seat he surely would have been killed. The passenger door almost touch my right arm.

Because of the nature of the accident the doctors thought I probably had internal injuries and they air lifted me to a larger hospital in the city. As it turned out I only had small cuts from flying glass and bruises, a broken right arm and 5 broken ribs.

A painful experience yes but the doctors were surprised there were no life threatening injuries. The doctor was also surprised at how fast I healed.

Every word that Jesus spoke to me came to pass. I could go on and on to tell how He provided all that I needed financially, physically, and changed a direction of my life. I will save you the details in this short article.

But I do believe that there was one more reason that time stood still for me. That reason was that I may give witness of His Great mercy. I needed to write this for you to read.

I believe there is even someone reading this that needs comfort about a loved one who was killed suddenly and you were not sure if they were saved or not.

God has heard your prayers for your loved one. You can read Gods will in many Bible verses that promise the salvation of our loved ones especially our children.

Sudden death may seem sudden from our perspective but from an eternal perspective there is no such limitation of time.

Time stood still! God is able to pour out His grace and give precious “Time” for repentance. I have experienced this supernatural event and can testify that time stood still.

Know that God keeps Bible promises, fear not, choose to believe. Expect to see your loved one again. Soon and very soon we will all be in eternity. A life time is but a vapor or a puff of smoke compared to eternity.

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