UP FROM DOWN "Where there is no insight the people perish"

by Susan Wilson
(San Bernardino, CA )

"Up From Down" by Ted Adamson, Westbow Press, ISBN: 978-1-4497-2501-3 (2502-0 and 2500-6)

As the mother of a drug addict, (and I have been addicted to anger) I read this book with eagerness to learn how to be truly free of my addiction and help my daughter with hers.
I have seen so many addicts give up drugs only to be addicted to cigarettes, or some other crutch. I also have heard many people say that God saved them from their addiction, only to go back later to their addiction and wondered were they lying when they said they were saved or what happened?
I found the answers in this little book. Ted Abramson's book covers addiction from A to Z. A real-life Christian journey from innocence to hell and back to innocence. He discusses what he learned about the "rehab" programs out there, what he learned about the roots of addiction and the way to true, lasting union with God, finally...true salvation and freedom from addiction and hate, to freedom to love and be who God created you to be.
Teds slant is a frank discussion of the role of good and evil in our lives and how it manifests and grows. Read it for yourself. It is only 120 pages, but they are a powerful 120 pages.

I highly recommend this book. It is well written, although it is gritty and tough to take at times.

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